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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last few days
I dream about my mum died :(
And it was horrible..

I hope this nightmare won't come true
Because I really don't want my mum to go :(

Now my mum is sick
And i think because of me and she is sick
I am saying this because last time i got sick
Then my sis got sick
After that my mum got sick
And i think this is all because of me :(
I hope this is not true
But it is..
Now she is getting more sick
And she become more weaker and weaker :(

Yesterday went to see doctor with her
And the doctor said she got another disease
I am horrified :(

Today she said she is getting a little bit well now
Was happy when she told me
I really hope she will be alright

I love you MUM <3
Hope you will get better soon..


Saturday, May 15, 2010

bought a new fake glasses

I bought a new fake glasses in the city with my mum hehe
and do you know what
that day was mothers' day and i forgot to bring out my purse
so i have to ask my mum to paid for me lol
btw that time i haven't got my mum's present yet
how embarrassing haha
mothers' day was on sunday right?
then i was thinking of buying mum's present on monday after school
guess what?
my mum pick us up after school ==||
because she feels sick so went home early
then me and my sis was lying her to drive us to the shopping centre so we could get something to eat
but the truth was to get mum's present
i know its childish but we can't do anything about it lol
anyway back to my new fake glasses lol
was really happy mum bought it for me
*sis got one as well hehe

love my glasses
xoxo <3

Mothers' Day

I know mothers' day was ages ago
but oh well i hardly come into my blog

you can see on your left, guess what is that?
is a bookmark... lol
and on your right you can see is a key chain :D
yea thats right
my sis and i bought it for my mum's present hehe
so guys, what did you get for your mum? hehe